SCHWARWOLF ATBARA Outdoor travel case

Small Schwarzwolf travel case for accessories, ID papers, money or credit cards, which you will appreciate during your activities. The case has a RFID protection and contains one main zipper pocket and a side zipper pocket. It is made of a special fabric with increased abrasion resistance and has waterproof zippers. Packed in a gift box. Material: nylon composite fabric, 60% nylon + 40% polyester, 240 GSM.
Recommended printing technology: pad printing T3.
Maximum print size: 60 × 40 mm.
Dimensions: 13 × 8.5 cm.
Carbon footprint: gCO2 e325.

Product number: F7606000AJ3
In stock: 330 pieces in stock in Brno
Price: 6,82 € without VAT

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