SCHWARZWOLF MOGOTON Knitted multifunctional neckcloth 2in1

Knitted multifunctional Schwarzwolf neckcloth 2in1 in black, quilted by refective yarn. The neckcloth is suitable for winter weather, contains rubber for constriction on neck, or you can use it as a hat. Its lining is made of very soft and pleasant feece material. Packed in a Schwarzwolf sleeve. Material: 100% acryl + refective yarn, linning – 100% polyester. Recommended printing technology: embroidery. Maximum print size: 10 × 8 cm. Dimensions: 25 × 24 cm. Carbon footprint: gCO2 e2753.

Product number: T4000200AJ3
In stock: 1000 pieces on the way arriving on 1.12.2022
Price: 12,35 € without VAT