VANILLA SEASON NUMAZU Set of two exclusive kitchen knives made of German steel

Quality set of two exclusive kitchen knives made of German steel. One of these knives is the Santoku knife, whose name can be translated as three virtues or purposes. It can be used to perfectly slice, dice and mince vegetables, fish and boneless meat. Its thinner, very sharp and smooth blade prevents loosing juices while slicing meat and fruits. The second knife is a paring vegetable knife in the same design. Its curved blade makes it very easy to peel food without unnecessary excess. Packed in a Vanilla Season gift box.
Recommended printing technology: laser L1, L2, pad printing T2.
Maximum print size: Santoku knife 60 × 20 mm, paring knife 40 × 8 mm.
Dimensions: Santoku knife – blade 18 cm, handle 12.5 cm;
paring knife – blade 8.3 cm, handle 11.8 cm; package 34.5 × 3 × 11.5 cm.
Carbon footprint: gCO2 e3078.

Product number: H3200800AJ3
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Price: 25,71 € without VAT

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