VANILLA SEASON SILVRETA Soft blanket or pillow 2in1

Soft quilted Vanilla Season blanket with a luxurious look that will stand out in any living room. If you do not use the blanket, you can fold it into a pillow with a zipper. It is made of Velboa 200 gsm material – 100% low-pile polyester that
looks and feels like fur. The filling of the blanket is polyester 120 gsm.
Recommended printing technology: embroidery.
Maximum print size: 200 × 80 mm.
Dimensions: blanket 130 × 180 cm, pillow 50 × 40 cm.
Carbon footprint: gCO2 e25888.

Product number: F5603700AJ3
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Price: 37,20 € without VAT

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