VANILLA SEASON TANGANIKA Set of herbs cutter and wooden cutting board

Practical set of herbs chopper and wooden board. This set is the perfect gift for those who enjoy cooking with fresh ingredients. Almost everyone grows the herbs nowadays, so this great set would not miss in any kitchen. The chopper in swings shape enables quick and convenient cutting herbs into fine pieces. Packed in a Vanilla Season gift box.
Recommended printing technology: chopper blade – laser L1, laser L2 to handle, cutting board – laser L2.
Maximum print size: 60 × 15 mm / 20 × 10 mm / 130 × 130 mm.
Dimensions: chopper 13.5 × 13 cm, board O 20 cm, package 25 × 6.5 × 25 cm.
Carbon footprint: gCO2 e2293.

Product number: H3200400AJ3
In stock: 35 pieces in stock in Brno
Price: 16,83 € without VAT

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